Cambodian Bloggers meeting the US officers

Yesterday, I was invited by the US Embassy to meet with the Public Affairs Officer and Social Media Guru from the States. It has always been an honor for me and the other Cambodian bloggers to be recognized and valued. Looking back, I'm quite amazed that I have been included to events and trips because of my personal expression here. I didn't expect my blogging could change the pattern of my life.

Being a social media figure among the others and having a chance to share what I'm passionate about are just so inspiring. A lot of good things had happened ever since I built my own space in blogosphere. Suddenly, it's not just a fun-because-there's-nothing-to-do activity anymore, it feels like I'm in a community with other young and talented Cambodians. I have to admit I'm very proud of being one of them now.

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  2. you should be proud of yourself!
    One of the things I love about blogging is finding your blog and read your post :)
    Have a nice day Nathary

  3. Aw..thank you so much dear!!! means a world to me that you've always been reading my blog. And that's cute, you still remember my cheey nickname. lol thank you hon :D


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