Writer's Day #3

I haven't written about my writing for a long time now. It's not that I don't think about it. I dream about writing days and nights. It's almost become a new kind of addiction to me. I know I'm in love with writing after I realized I can create another world with it. I don't say that I write well, but writing has brought me a lot of adventures which I didn't even know exist inside my head. I guess Stephen King said it best, "We don't create the story, the story is already there."

When I first started writing my book, I thought I was doing something crazy. But when my friends who had read my first story and said they loved it, I just knew I was born to do this.

Now, I’m going to spend my entire weekend doing a massive edition on my second book. Painstakingly page by page. Do you know what it is about? It’s very first book about Cambodian myths! I’ve been scribbling straight out of every cell in my brain to get it down. And who says imagination isn’t real? I have a proof for you. My 150+ pages of fantasy in flesh. I can’t wait to write a trilogy of this one. Being an unpublished-sec­ond-language writer sucks, but still, writing is like finding a closet to Narnia!
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  1. Do you prefer your book to be read in ipad?

  2. it's very nice to know that there are Khmer's that are taking up writing as a hobby or profession. Keep up the good work.=)

  3. @Sophen: I do want it to be read. But not sure how get it more publicy yet.

    @Ry: thank you, but I'm not the only one who loves to write. There are a lot of young and talented Khmers who begin this habit too. I just hope our literature is more popular like in the past.

  4. Geeee! I missed reading a lot of posts!!!!


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