Writer's Workshop at Meta House

Last month, I joined a writer's workshop at Meta House. It was held by international authors, who wanted to share their life experience as a writer to Cambodian and other foreign writers in Phnom Penh. 

I got an invitation to join it from Nou Hach Journal. At first, I was hesitated to go since I don't normally like to attend event with crowd. But it was about writing and publishing, so I gave myself a shove. The workshop was useful for any wannabe writers I guess. The talk was centered around how the published authors landed their work. 

I sat and listened, trying to soak up the wisdom from real professional writers. At the same time, I also realize there's no amount of advice could promise us that we would success. I like Christoper G. Moore's idea about chain events, which he described about how one event connects to another and creates a possibility. If he didn't write his first book then, he would still be a law professor. So I agree with his chain theory. We must start doing something to let other things happen.

Although, Christopher Moore and Bob Begin are not my type of writers (they write crime fictions and non-fictions, I write fantasy, paranormal-slash-sci-fi), at least I have learned new things from the workshop. 

The display of the Phnom Penh Noir at Meta House. I have no idea what this book is all about, but I'm glad we have any book about Cambodia at all.

There is one thing that I found out while I was there. Most of the novice writers were either old or plain young. They were middle age people and twenty-something people. There was a lady who said she wasn't sure if it was alright to start writing at her age now, and she wished she could start earlier, because she really enjoyed the feeling of being a writer.

For me, I used to think I should wait until I'm older to write, but now I realize the younger you start, the better. I have read some work of teen writers from other countries, and I was surprised at how awesome their writing is. I couldn't help wondering how our local writers are going catch up with them. Those kids have crafty plots and vivid language use. But here we're lack of techniques and resources, not to mention encouragement from the society. Young Cambodian writers are practically unheard of. Somehow, it makes me sad and hopeless in writing. I know deep down that, this career will not let you live a better-off life, but there's this bitter-sweet thing about writing that keeps me going. Maybe it's faith, or maybe it's courage, but most of all, it has more to do with passion.
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  1. Life without passion is like Picasso without paint. It's inspiring that you've already started your work as a young writer. Not just you, a lot of writers know they won't make money out of their works, but they still do it. I think people like that are admirable.

    I like the idea of chain events, things happen after one another, so you never know ;)

    P.S.: Foreign writers are truly good, but English is their first language, so that's a huge advantage for them. But I still like the idea of being a bilingual, it shows a different angle of expression while using the same language.

  2. Thursday people has far to go! Way you go!

  3. so much fun! wish I could join :p


  4. @Prathna: You're absolutely right twin! I couldn't agree more with your opinion. Writers have to live a double life and all. I think my view about native writers is a bit of a high standard. of course, we won't be able to write in English as well as they do. I just hope we can do just as good in our language. But I am a second language writer, it sucks sometimes.

  5. @P: You're a Thursday child too. lol
    but guess what? i just realize that being Aquarius, the lucky number for that zodiac sign is 2 and the lucky day of the week is Thursday. And you know my B-day right? I was born on Thursday 2nd and in Feb! lol...
    but have far to go? i don't know where to go yet...

  6. @Puput: yeah, i hope so too. are there many writers in ur country?

  7. Hahahaha So are you proud being yourself now? proud of being born in Feb, 2nd Thursday now? Hehehe i don't know about you, but I'm proud to be born on Feb, on Thursday and on 25th, and being a Pisces and loving an Aquarius. ;) It's good to be proud of yourself. I realized how important it is for my low self-esteem.

    I like to think this way. I like to think "When you don't know where to go yet, it means life needs to make sure you're ready before giving you a clear vision of your direction."


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