FilmCamp Day

I joined filmcamp on the 23rd March at my university and did this drawing for the event facebook page. There were film contest and mini-workshop about movie-making. I was impressed by the new productions of our generation. It actually gives me hope in our film industry. 

In the event of FilmeCamp, people got to see both old and young directors, learning from their experiences in flimmaking and their struggle to survive in this art. We got the documentary movies, historical movies, and romantic comedy. 

During the 60s, Cambodia was one of the best movie-producers in Southeast Asia. King Father was also a a talented director and actor in a number of films. We had talented actors and actresses. We had quality directors and supportive audiences. I still find the old movies more enjoyable to watch than the ones play on TVs these days. 

I think we need more of this kind of event to educate people who love this type of entertainment. It's not just the thing that makes people happy and have fun, but it's also the connection between humans and humans. It contains both knowledge and experience in a short period of time. That is why media is powerful, and we should learn to use this power to benefit our society. 

In my opinion, those who can create, can influence.

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  1. Oh man, I missed the event this year! :| Eh, love the drawing very much!

  2. You shouldn't have missed it! You're a DMC should have been there with me. I'm a teacher, for god's sake and I was there. *pout*...but thank you for liking the drawing! <3


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