My Life is a 4-Dimension


I have adopted this motto for this drawing. It's about me and what I love doing the most. Actually this has been my life theme for a long time. For me, there are photographer phase, artist phase, writer phase, and reader phase. And each phase would last as long as it keeps me interested, but it would never fade. I like to think of myself like the moon, who is going from phase to phase and back again. 

When people ask me what I am exactly, I don't always have a clear answer, not that I'm not sure of myself, but I think I'm all of the above, only with flexibility. 

I'm a photographer by chance: this one describes me best, because I know I'm not going to be professional in photography, but I will always take photos and enjoy beautiful images. My strongest sense is sense of sights, so I tend to get excited by seeing views of things or people. 

I'm an artist by hobby: I know I should think of myself more of an artist, since most people recognize me by my comics than any other things I do. I consider it as a hobby because that's what I do most of the time. And that's what makes me happy the most too. When I get a new work done, I couldn't be more proud. It's a unique way to tell a story and express yourself. I just love it.

I'm a writer by passion: I'm not trying to be multi-talented. Talents are very common, what is rare is commitment. And writing is the phase that never goes away, no matter how bad it makes me feel sometimes. Writing is my bittersweet, my number one. It is like making magic. I write to explore the world beyond this. And I will always write until death do us apart. 

I'm a reader by heart: If I say I'm a writer, it only makes sense that I'm also a reader. I'm only ashamed that I couldn't make enough time to read. And then there are not many books in Cambodia I could buy to read! This frustrates me. Books are still too expensive. I mostly read used books. Books are like portable magic. I wish our youngsters would read more books and less of facebook. 

Okay enough of the bubbling.
Hope you have a happy weekend.

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  1. agreed with that motto.
    it's good that you know what you want to do and what you like to do.
    Here, Indonesian books are not too expensive but import books are damn expensive hehe
    you can try to read books online I think :)

  2. I do read books online too..that's why I have wattpad. there are many great books I love, even they're not the pusblished ones.
    Yeah, in here too, import books are too expensive, and we don't have much Cambodian books that interest me though.

  3. i enjoy reading your blog, you're so talented in many ways, sis! in your writings, your drawings, and your photographs too! keep it up :D

    with love,
    anis x

  4. thank you for reading my blog, and even call me sis. lol..

    oh...I'm not talented, it's the same to what other people do as well. The only difference is I keep doing them repeatedly. :D

  5. Thank you oh so much for reminding me again that the one that is important is a COMMITMENT! Man, guess people were right all this time telling me that I have to stick with what I love if I want to succeed. Thank you again!

    And oh, by the way, I found ur blog through Cassey's. Greetings from Indonesia! :)


  6. Omg...that's so sweet. I never thought I could remind someone about this. I was just stating the fact. I understand sometime we make exuses for not trying to do what we love, cos we think we're wasting our times or the things we do are stupid. But for me, as long as they make us happy, it's worth everything. thank you for dropping by. Greet from Cambodia too! :)

  7. Dear Sovathary. I just discovered your blog and am amazed by your talents. And your wisdom. Your choice of words is very inspiring, even though I live on the other side of the world. I wish you the best for the future and I will keep reading on. Greetings from Paris.

  8. This is so, so relatable! I think everything happened by chance to me.


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