Dear Cambodia

I do photography whenever I have a chance. This one I took just a few days ago. These are skyscrapers along Monivong Boulavard, but I'm only interested in the statue of Genesh, a god of Wisdom and Knowledge. I like it when they build new statues from sandstone like this one. If you come to Cambodia, you can see there's a quite number of statues of Aryan Gods in Phnom Penh. That's because we used to be a Hindu state and our half-ancestors were originated from somewhere in India.

It's quite recent that I have made a point to take pictures of anything about Cambodia. I guess I have been trying to show the world about what my country looks like through my eyes. I don't know how many of people out there notice my cheesy work, but I don't mind.

And I know I will never do it justice to present Cambodia, but I have tried with everything I can. I make comics in a hope that it will draw attention from people who don't know about Cambodian life. I take photos with snippets of my thoughts of my country. I also write story, so that someday people can read it and enjoy the rich culture we have. Although, there's a long long way to go, but I'm doing what I love. This quote said it best, "We all can't do great things, but we can do small things in a great way."

For more of my photos visit here:
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  1. Your blog is ways cool and your writing....attention-capturing.
    Young writer in town. :D

  2. hahah..young writer sounds cool. Thank you!

  3. And these are genius work through the eye of a cambodian daughter. *Thumb up*

    1. Awww...P! Staphh! You're gonna give me diabetes too! LOL But thank you *sniff*

  4. lol, is it how blogger encourage another to keep up blogging?

  5. I want to dak you 2-3 ka-nhor! Sniff ei! LOL


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