My Good O' Phnom Penh!

You don't know how much I love taking pictures of the most beautiful city, in which I have a love/hate relationship with.

I love Phnom Penh for her classic touch and her modern improvement, although it's easy to get depressed with the lack of well-guided urbanization these days, I still try to find something positive to appreciate about the city I live in.

I mean we all deserve a chance to travel and see new things, but if we can't, we might as well look around and be content with what we have just as much, right?
My Good O' Phnom Penh! My Good O' Phnom Penh! Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Thursday, October 31, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Beautiful pictures! You're very talented... The black and white and colored surely add different mood to them. Toes up!

  2. can I get polished toes for that? lol...thank you...only those who have keen eyes would say that :D

  3. Phnom Penh looks like a beautiful place in your eyes. It sounded like a beautiful place in my mother and father's childhood stories, even though they are people of few words. They are both from Cambodia. Left in 1969. Never went back since. Actually, my mother never had the chance to. My father is going back for the first time this Christmas with his 2 daughters and grandchildren. Oh my, I hope we rock this city !

  4. @lapetite: Thank you...I believe it's beautiful in everyone's eyes if they know how to find the beauty in it. Of course there are bad patches all around but it's the same everywhere..what matters is the memory that tie your parents's heart to this place.

  5. I was in Cambodia not long ago and there I realized that I am a Cambodian Daughter too. I have posted some photos of your, of our, beautiful country and named my blog post "Cambodian daughter", after you. I love Cambodia and I love your blog, Sovathary ! Take care and keep rocking Phnom Penh.

  6. These are nice pictures of Phnom Penh with good expression about the city. The photos look neat and clean


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