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I can't believe I used to be so active writing my blog, now it feels like a lifetime ago. This is probably the longest time I have ever done something. I had been blogging for almost four years.

Throughout my college, I was obsessed with writing about whatever I felt like writing. It's strange now that I don't write anymore. It was way back before I was interested in facebook. I thought facebook was confusing and then I became familiar with it and I no longer blog, because heck, there's facebook where you can read about someone else's life and talk about yourself to whoever out there.

In hindsight, I feel so sad for this change of my life pattern. How could I lose passion in something I had been doing for so long? Is it applied to any other thing in life, too? You like something or someone, until you no longer enjoy them anymore. It's scary, really, how people change.
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