My New Year's Resolution for 2016

I know that many many studies say people don't really stick to their resolutions. Most of us will eventually fall off the wagon. But I still find the joy of making promises (although I might break them along the way) for the new start of the new year. So why not share my resolutions?

What I would like to accomplish for this year:

1. Gain about two to three kilograms
2. Start excising (yoga). *finger cross*
3. Read 2 books a month.
4. Finish watching all the TV series I have, that includes: Friends, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The Big Bang Theory.
5. Finish my French Tree Lessons.
6. Finish my fiction-writing.

There are some other goals I have, but I would like to keep them to myself since they can be either unrealistic, like growing an inch taller, or too personal, like I'm not gonna tell you.

So I just hope I can stick to my resolutions this time. 
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