What is Cambodian Folklor?

I just have to bring up something people should know about Cambodian folklore and what is it like.

In a Cambodian fairy tale, examples: Ang-kat (a cinderella variant), the story of princess Amaradevi, the tale of princess Koemonora, or the king and the sweet-melon farmer.

In traditional western fairy stories, the hero or heroine is usually a beautiful and good person who after much suffering is finally rewarded with great wealth and perfect happiness... [but Khmer fairy tales] are not tales of superhuman feats but are concerned with the virtues of prudence, moderation, and foresight. 

The tales are not about a world filled with make-believe, but about the problems of artisans, merchants, farmers, and slaves - the people about whom the Brahmans had so little to say…some of the tales teach respect for women, telling about their intelligent virtues and of the unfortunate things that happen to men who did not treat women justly as equals. 

Over the centuries, the Buddhist stories brought by the missionaries merged with the folklore already in Cambodia to create a unique body of literature in the spirit of Buddhism and Cambodian life…the setting of the gatiloke stories is usually a town, village, or forest where the ordinary people live and work…stories of clever women who foil traps set for them by nobles and of peasants whose quick wit saves them from thieves and scoundrels. 

Animal fables have lessons in wisdom, justice, and compassion. humorous tales ridicule unjust rulers, even overpower them such as the tale of the Toad Army and Indra, the King of Gods, or the fables of the wise rabbit giving life-saving advice to others in outrageous trouble. And all of these help shape the character of the people of Cambodia.

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