Fundraising Party for the Rescued Dogs

I was invited to a fundraising party yesterday by my friends. It was for the dogs, which had been rescued from the butcher house and needed treatments. I saw their video posted on Facebook and it just broke my heart. The dogs were starved in the cage. They were lucky that one of us found them and took them home, but there was still a lot to do from there.

In Cambodia, most people can afford to own dogs. They don't normally spend a lot on their food (they eat whatever the humans eat) or check-ups or grooming since dogs are traditionally meant for guarding your property. But the saddest part is that some people also view them as meat supply.

Even though, we could only save a few of them from their ill fate, at least it mattered to the dogs whose lives were spared that day. I regretted not taking some photos of the cute puppies and dogs during the event for it was raining like cats and dogs (pun intended).

After we introduced ourselves (I was forced by a friend to say a few words and in my mind, I was like 'why would anyone want to hear me speak at all? Like why not just forget I was there? lol) It was totally face-palm worthy thinking back haha, but I was glad I didn't stutter like an idoit) and we had fun chatting and playing jenga and taking tequila shots (I couldn't take even a half shot, so don't worry, your girl still wasn't drinking). After all, it was a nice and fun party. 
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