Epic Lunch Discussion with the US. Embassy Officers

It was such a great honor to be invited to have lunch with the deputy coordinator for the international information programs from the US Dept. of State, officers from the US Embassy.

The Cambodian side consisted of AYC president, FUSSAC president, Young Eco Ambassador and me as a comic artist. We met at one lovely Chinese Dumpling house just right around the corner near my university. The discussion was totally enlightening. The US officers were very interested in our view on their political event and general US policy as well as how it will affect the Cambodia's future.

To be honest, I'm not one who is well-informed about the current politics but who could resist one of the most interesting debates in the history? In my opinion, the whole presidential election is like a reality show. It gives you quite a refreshing perspective considering the two authentic and vibrant nominees in this election. We had a lot of meaningful opinions to share and I was glad that they made effort to get to know some of the young Cambodian representatives like ourselves.

Epic Lunch Discussion with the US. Embassy Officers Epic Lunch Discussion with the US. Embassy Officers Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. You know what? I'm soooo happy to see you out and about. Finally someone has the gut to be socially active (I meant offline). Hehe.

    Btw, write more. I miss reading your beautiful and sarcastic writing.

    1. I'm happy that you find my social life to your liking. lol I'm such a turtle person, so yes, it feels nice to be out and about once in a while. I miss reading from you too!


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