Latrines in Cambodia

I first came across this video on facebook about the importance of toilets in Cambodia, and I could totally relate to this unfortunate event as a child. That was the reason why I hated going to visit relatives in the province. If there was a celebration, I made sure I didn't drink too much to avoid going to find the bathroom (and if there was one, it wasn't that clean and sparkly as the one at home). But sometimes you have to cut through your pride and embarrassment, because...well, shit happens.

In Cambodia, a toilet is a sign of privilege in the rural areas. Not many people can afford to have one. So most people always use the alternative toilets aka bushes. They joke about how it's quite luxurious of sitting in nature and enjoying the view, but it's become a problem as far as sanitation and health concern. 
This video is a perfect example to address the issue and to inspire Cambodian people to start paying their attention to their wellbeing. It's not just their heath but also decency, especially for women. I truly support this campaign and hope that we can all access to clean living in the near future. It's 2017, every family deserves a toilet!      

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